People of ACTION

When community leaders within Rotary join together, share their vision, exchange ideas about solutions, and then take action to make it a reality.

Community Toy Drive

Delta Bingo spearheads a Christmas Toy Drive for the less fortunate families every year, they called upon their sponsoring charities including the Rotary Club of Toronto-Forest Hill to help. Rotarians and friends contributed generously, allowing the purchase of many small toys for the families and their children. 

Cosmetic Travel Pouches

Ordinary household items like cosmetics are treasured preciously by the people who can not afford them especially for the poor and the homeless. Rotary Club of Toronto-Forest Hill acquired many cosmetic travel pouches to donate to women's shelters and youth centres during the difficult time at the height of the pandemic.

YouthLink Library

Youthlink is a registered charitable organisation dedicated to helping vulnerable and sometimes abused young people who are homeless and needed a place to stay and to recuperate. The Rotary Club of Toronto-Forest Hill decided to partner with Youthlink donated $14,000 to create an environment for the young people to learn and to get back on their feet. 

Backpacks for St. Lucia

The Rotary Club of Toronto-Forest Hill launched another humanitarian project in St. Lucia. Rotarians from the Rotary Club collect funds from members. families and friends to purchase 87 backpacks stuffed with school supplies delivered to eager hands of the school children. The project was the brain child of Rotarian Milo Vassallo who witnessed first hand the joy of helping school children of St. Lucia.