President Josie Caliendo starts her year with a challenge to all members to spend more time outdoors, taking advantage of the fabulous summer weather, walking, running, cycling staying healthy and safe.
Are you reading to take up a challenge?  She said, "How many kilometres can you commit to?  It matters NOT the amount but the Team Spirit. Then every little bit counts!  She WILL PLEDGE 1:00$ a kilometre to a max of 500:00$ From June 23 to July 22."
She said, "SO I WOULD LIKE  TO MAKE THIS THE FIRST UNOFFICIAL FUNDRAISER Of MY PRESIDENCY, The Virtual Team Walk. Why not? WHAT WILL EACH OF YOU PLEDGE? Once you register all families and friends can donate online in team or your name; or donate directly to you."
Take short video of yourselves and also if you like, with family and friends walking and upload to website. 
Celebrate on YouTube July 29 at 7:00 pm when our club videos will be shown. SO WHAT ARE WE WAITING FOR? Let’s now have some fun and do some good while at it!"