Mami Ishii- Naturopathic Doctor, Integrative Holistic Medicine and Healing

 Guest speaker: August 27,2015

Mami completed her undergraduate degree in Music Therapy and Psychology and  postgraduate degree in Naturopathic Medicine. Her life’s mission is to make life 'delicious', the equivalent of which in Japanese means “savoring beauty".

Mami's talk focused on the management of stress by asking her audience to reconnect to one’s deeper soul and live authentically with passion, forgiveness and love. She talked about the way of embodying the “Art of Delicious Living", filling life with delicious moments of pleasure, joy, hope, gratitude and love and to hence live life fully in your own way. During her presentation she emphasized on living an authentic life filled with purpose, clarity, and love to achieve optimal health and wellness.

Ping Pong Table Update

We were glad to hear a good news from Dianne that the Ping Pog  tables up to Number 35 have all been installed. The remaining are in the process of being installed as soon as the concrete base has been poured and the ground levelled.

50/50 Draw

Barry had the winning number but could not win the draw. The pot continues to grow.smiley