A. Welcome and Announcements

President Kathy Verduyn welcomed our guests and members.

Guests: Sally Anne Noznesky and Germaine Wong
Visiting Rotarian: Terry Chu, Rotary Club of Shanghai

President Kathy reviewed the upcoming events including:
* The District Conference
* The Horse Race Night
* "Foundation Month"
* Holiday Party

The Club Roster is being updated. Please send in your updates to Kathy Verduyn as soon as possible.

Club members are encouraged to send a letter to their local MP re: Federal Government support for Polio Relief.

B. Speech Topic: "Copper Thunderbird, a look at the man and the art" (Norval Morrisseau)
Speaker: John Newman of Kinsman Robinson Galleries, Yorkville
Introduced by: Paul Ferri

Copper Thunderbird


John presented Norval Morrisseau as a "native Shaman, apprentice, ground breaking artist, trickster/performance artist and as a Canadian iconic legend. The creator of the 'Woodlands school of art', which did not exist before, Morrisseau created this visual vocabulary in the late '50s. and it has gone on to inspire hundreds of artists, and intrigue collectors from around the world.  John presented the myth, legends and anecdotal stories of Norval Morrisseau, with a continous display rotating display of actual images by the artist in the background. John pieced together the enigmatic puzzle known as Copper Thunderbird, and why he is arguably Canada's most important artist."

John concluded his speech by handing out catalogues of the current Morrisseau exhibition, which is running at Kinsman Robinson Galleries until Oct 20th at 108 Cumberland St., in Yorkville. This year marks the 50th anniversary of the first sell-out Morrisseau exhibition by Jack Pollock in 1962, which is being celebrated with the largest retrospective on Morrisseau done by a private gallery, with almost fifty works in total.  

C. 50/50 Draw

Sally Anne was the lucky winner of the draw this week. She pulled the Queen of Spades so the pot continues to grow.

D. Closing Announcements & Reminders

The Consular Ball is coming up on Oct. 27th. Please see the separate story on this event.