A. Welcome and Announcements

President Kathy Verduyn chaired the meeting and welcomed the guests today's luncheon meeting.
Kathy and Paul attended a District President's meeting of sharing ideas with other clubs
* Bingo last Saturday was run by Rod and Kathy

* Our club needs to explore fund-raising venues
* District Conference this weekend, Oct. 19-21
* Horse race November 7
* November 1, 2012 club meeting will honour several members of our club with Paul Harris awards. Please make an effort to attend to honour your colleagues.

Updates and ads for the club roster are due
Board wants to make a master set of old rosters to cover all present and past members, so please bring in any earlier Rosters you have at home. We only have copies of the last four issues.

B. Speech Topic:  "Kabul Cardiac Research Center, Afghanistan"
Speaker: Faridah Saadat
Introduced by: Jim Moore

Faridah Saadat
Treasurer, Jim Moore & Guest Speaker Faridah Saadat


Faridah spoke about the importance of having a one-of-a kind cardiac clinic in her native Afghanistan and its current challenges and needs.
* stats presented from the World Health Organization
* Overview of the services provided by KCRC
* There are 540 kids with congenital heart disease
* The KCRC receives minimal funding from the local government for the entire centre
* The centre received help from The Rotary Club of Windsor (1918) and local Afghans in Ontario
* The building was donated by the University
* Faridah presented stories and photos of individuals to personalize the message

Dr Asmat Naebkhil is the member of the Windsor (1918) Rotary Club who has returned to Afghanistan at great personal sacrifice to establish and run the Afghan cardiac research centre in Kabul. Asmat is a cardiologist and he received advanced cardiac training at Toronto General Hospital.

Jim Moore, formerly of Windsor club, also explained the method by which he was able to get medical equipment that was donated to Afghanistan. This was a very long, tedious process that took 18 months until the equipment arrived. The Windsor Rotary Club provided much of the equipment for the centre and also arranged for its safe shipment to Kabul via the US Air Force.

C. 50/50 Draw

Diane Moore was the lucky winner of the draw this week. She pulled the 2 of diamonds. Prize-Tim Hortons gift card, leaving the jackpot alive another week.


Notes: Chris Markle
Pianist Doug Clarke
Sgt. At Arms: Marvin Graf, Art Hall
Photo and web update: Paul Ferri