Literacy is one of Rotary's six "Areas of Focus" and is particularly relevant to Rotarians. The theme for this week's meeting is "literacy" and the two speakers will provide a local and an international perspective on this important topic. This meeting is also an opportunity for these two current Charity Partners to provide an annual update on their past successes and plans for the year.

1. World Literacy
Guest Speaker: Teresa Toten, Board Member, World Literacy
Event Assistant: Britt Novakowski, Communications Manager
Speaker’s Bio: See "Speakers" Side Bar
Organization overview:
World Literacy Canada (WLC) is a small, secular, registered charitable organization that uses literacy to fight poverty and advance the cause of social justice. We support and deliver a range of community-based education projects in Canada, India, and Nepal. With 56 years’ experience successfully delivering literacy education, we believe that illiteracy is both a cause and consequence of poverty. We see literacy as an essential element in the struggle for equality. Literacy is about much more than just reading and writing – it is about access to jobs, the market, and how we participate in an increasingly interconnected world. See "Speakers" Side Bar for more info.


2. Toronto Foundation for Student Success

Guest Speaker: Shannon Quesnelle, Development Officer
Speaker’s Bio: See "Speakers" Side Bar
Speech Title: Removing barriers to success for Toronto’s at-risk youth
Organization Overview:
The Toronto Foundation for Student Success is an independent, registered charitable foundation created to help ensure that children and youth are ready and able to learn at school. To accomplish this TFSS addresses issues caused by poverty, including hunger and poor nutrition. See "Speakers" Side Bar for more info. 

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