When CICS (Centre for Immigrants and Community Services) received cosmetic and hygiene products they donate/sold most them to the Rotary Club of Toronto-Forest Hill at a very modest price which allows members to donate to people and organisations in need. Our first contact was Sistering where we donated 50 pouches and they are extremely appreciative of our support and donations. Picture: Marvin, Lori and Sistering staff.
Kathryn, Fund Development Officer in and Manager of In Kind donations with Sistering 24 Hour Drop in wrote: I am extend a huge thank you for a recent donation of gift bags and pampering items for our participants. This donation was organised through Marvin and Lori and they were so wonderful to work with!
Participants are already loving these amazing donations - pampering items like the skin care kits donated, go a really long way in terms of raising confidence and self esteem in participants. These items bring so much joy and help our participants feel valued like the important and unique individuals that they are. We can't thank Lori, Marvin, or the rest of your team enough for the support and joy that this donation offered. Our gratitude is immeasurable.
When the Rotaract Club of Willowdale witnessed the plight of the homelessness, they decided to raise its awareness by calling on Rotary Clubs in Toronto for help. The travel cosmetic pouches came at the right time and fits the win/win for all criteria. So members of the Forest Hill Club particularly Marvin Graf, Lori Michelutti, Mel Olsberg, Eva Chaves, President Josie Caliendo, Milo Vassallo and David Ing added to make the 60 pouches donation possible.
This project also received donations from ADG Courtney Caldron who helps to provide write up on this website.
Picture shows David and Courtney collected cosmetic products for the homelessness.