Posted by David Ing on Sep 21, 2018
On September 20 9 members attended a delicious luncheon hosted by Youthlink, a charitable non-profit organisation dedicated to helping troubled youth who are of LBGTQ, abused and or generally need assistance for them to get back on their feet and starting new lives. Youthlink, transformed from The Big Sister Association of Metropolitan Toronto has over 100 years of history providing financial assistance to continue their studies while out of the regular school system. It provides counselling, outreach programs and a co-op residence for Scarborough youth. Executive director Janice Hayes showed our members the new Youthlink building layout for 51 long term and 10 temporary beds for drop in youth.
Our Club after listening to the moving stories voted to donate $5,000 to assist funding to equip the new building.
James, Chako, Mel, Marvin, Sonam, David, Lori, Michael and Milo approved the donation to Youthlink
President Marvin Graf and Treasurer David Ing presented a check of $5,000 to Fundraising Director Evan Back